Official DVD Release Trailer Blows in for Stonados

Stonados, which began life as a Syfy Original Movie, is heading to DVD later this month from Arc Entertainment, and we've got a look at its artwork and official trailer.

The film, which is directed by Jason Bourque and written by Rafael Jordan, arrives on January 28th. It stars Paul Johansson, Sebastian Spence, Miranda Frigon, Thea Gill, and William B. Davis.


When a tornado appears in the waters south of Boston, former storm chaser Joe Randall (Johansson) is intrigued by the unusual weather. But as twisters begin to strike across the Boston shoreline, Joe quickly realizes this is no ordinary storm front. As the storms threaten to move inland, the citizens of Boston find themselves trapped in a tempest turning deadlier by the minute.

With the city under siege Joe; his sister, Maddy (Frigon); and his old storm chasing partner, Lee, realize they're dealing with a never before seen weather phenomenon known as Stonados.
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