Human Bodies are Fed to Vultures in This Tibetan Funeral Rite

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The ancient tradition of “Sky Burial,” upheld mainly by Buddhists of Tibet and parts of Mongolia, involves a macabre ritual in which the bodies of the recently deceased are left on a mountaintop to be eaten by vultures and other scavengers... and that tradition is still in practice today. [Warning: graphic images ahead] Photo: John Hill The practice may have originated with the religious order of Drigung Kagyu, which teaches that a dead body should not be preserved but returned to nature. It also stems from a more practical concern: the harsh climate and rocky terrain of the high mountains makes burial or cremation difficult. Photo: FishOil at en.wikipedia As documented in the 12th century Tibetan Book of the Dead, the ritual indicates how the deceased should be prepared for sky burial: religious officials known as “body-breakers” carve the corpse up in a specific manner, then place it at dawn on a specially
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