15 Landmark Albums That Changed The Face Of Music Forever


In the vast world of music there have been so many bands and artists who have shaped the landscape. From The Beatles to James Brown to the White Stripes, so many bands and their work have all left a legacy on the art form; breaking barriers and bringing issues to the forefront, making music one of the most argued, debated, and analysed forms of expression.

While the importance of many musical artists often spans an entire career, there are albums that have been game-changers in one fell swoop. They’ve either introduced a new sound, popularized a musical movement previously overlooked by the masses, or have brought disparate demographics together. A single album can innovate or inspire an era of music. Sometimes the effect is instantaneous and impossible to ignore or is the first step in an evolution in sound. Here is a list of 15 albums that had a long lasting effect on music,
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