Interview: Dave & Connor discuss their 'Amazing Race: All-Stars' win

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Interview: Dave & Connor discuss their 'Amazing Race: All-Stars' win
Whether you love them or wish they'd stop talking about Dave's age, his Achilles and the evils of Brendon & Rachel, you can't deny that Dave & Connor were deserving winners for this "Amazing Race: All-Stars" season. After having to self-eliminate from their first season after Dave's injury, the father-son team won a whopping six Legs -- they'll be taking tropical vacations together for years to come -- and never really faced any serious jeopardy. Did they do anything impressive in that Final Leg to win? Not really. But they got to Phil Keoghan first and that's all that matters. In the process, they became the first parent-child team to win "The Amazing Race" and Dave, as he mentioned so frequently, became the oldest individual winner. In their exit interview, which finally concludes my spring reality exit interviews, Dave & Connor discuss their comfortable "Amazing Race" triumph, Dave talks about his age and
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