Scott Derrickson Talks Bringing the Devil to Life and More for Deliver Us from Evil

Director Scott Derrickson has been scaring the hell out of people for several years now, and he looks to continue the trend with his latest project, Deliver Us from Evil. Recently we sat down with him to talk about the film, and believe us when we tell you the devil is truly in the details.

Dread Central: We only got to see, well, basically, nothing more than the trailer. So, can you start by telling us a little about it?

Scott Derrickson: Yeah, the movie is about a guy, about Ralph Sarchie, who’s based on a real guy, a cop in New York City who Eric plays and the movie is about... his slow but steady confrontations with these supernatural occurrences that get him drawn into these cases, and that starts to affect his personal life and his family life and his belief system and all that.

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