#YesAllWomen Might Not Like "Right Kind Of Wrong"

I'm writing a blog about you, it's called "Why You Suck".

According to fate, the #YesAllWomen social media frenzy--with its copious corollary analysis--has coincided with my viewing of The Right Kind of Wrong (2013), a movie about an antisocial stalker who haunts a beautiful newlywed because he's arbitrarily decided to "love" her. Uncharitable a reading though that may be, feminist arguments are not known for their charity. But the phenomenon does provide an opportunity to give the common trope used in this film a quarter turn and see the creepy, violating side of it.  Inspired by passion and the certainty of love-at-first-sight, a man woos a woman away from her current lover (here, husband) who is clearly (clearly!) less appropriate for her than is our hero.  She doesn't see it yet, but she will--no really, she will.  If we weren't introduced to the hero first, but instead saw the Lady getting ready for the wedding,
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