‘Amber: The Complete Series’ DVD Review

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Stars: Lauryn Canny, Eva Birthistle, David Murray, Levi O’Sullivan, Justine Mitchell, David Herlihy, Declan Conlon, Emily Nagle, Stella McCusker, Shauna Griffith | Created by Rob Crawley, Paul Duane

If there is one type of television show we’ve got a lot of right now it’s the drama. While mostly concentrating on murder and politics there are some though that look to hit a much more emotional nerve by using the subject of children. Amber is one of the latest to use children as the subject using the theme of abduction.

When fourteen year old Amber Bailey disappears her family are left in turmoil. As they search for her at her friends they find she lied about visiting there and with no sign of her return it’s left to the police and pleas to the public for any news on where she could be. As the days go by
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