Thn Interview: Daniel Kash Star Of ‘Aliens’ And ‘Orphan Black’

As part of our London Film and Comic Con coverage we managed to have a brief but interesting interview with actor Daniel Kash. Whilst the name might not be familiar to everyone you will know him from various projects including Aliens, Mama, Hannibal and the brilliant Orphan Black. Being big fans of both Aliens and Orphan Black we seized the chance to talk with a man who has been part of both. Here’s what he had to say.

How was it working with Tatiana on Orphan Black?

She’s fantastic. As a fan you forget that she’s just one person and as another actor working with her you can’t imagine she’s anyone else other than the character you’re working with. I filmed with two of the characters at once, they film those sort of scenes with body doubles and they’re fantastic at it. She (Tatiana) is a future superstar.
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