Frightfest 2014: ‘Extraterrestrial’ Review

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Stars: Julián Villagrán, Michelle Jenner, Carlos Areces, Raúl Cimas, Miguel Noguera | Written and Directed by Nacho Vigalondo

Nacho Vigalondo made quite the splash with 2007’s Timecrimes, a dark and rather uncompromising time-travel thriller which impressed many. To British eyes it would seem like all had gone quiet on the Nacho front but this was not the case. His next film Extraterrestial was playing Italy when my wife and I were on honeymoon, but we celebrated our third anniversary last week. A delayed release is something we see fairly often but in the case of Extraterrestial it is bizarre as this is a charming but admittedly small-scale film though one which would work with a wider audience than a pure genre one as is the case with the FrightFest audience.

Much of this is down to the simple fact that the film barely dabbles in the sci-fi nature of its opening.
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