16 Shameless Product Placements in TV and Movies

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16 Shameless Product Placements in TV and Movies
Some movies are as refreshing as a crisp Sprite on a summer's day. Some movies are as satisfying as Tgi Friday's $10 Endless App special. And some are as in your face as Google Glass when it comes to product placement. Here are 16 movies that really wanted you to buy something.1. McDonalds in Mac and MeLet’s start with what is perhaps the most shameless product placement in history: The dance-off in the cheesy 1988 flick Mac and Me. It’s not enough for Eric to just take his new alien friend down to the local McDonald’s. No, they also have to throw in a Ronald McDonald cameo and a giant choreographed dance sequence, too. 2. Apple iPods in Blade: TrinityEveryone remembers how awesome first-generation iPods were when they came onto the market. But the third chapter of the Blade series — which features the devices as well as an iTunes
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