The X Factor: The 5 best original songs from the show

After Overload's plucky performance of their happy-go-lucky 'No, No, No' on Sunday's X Factor, we got all nostalgic. We started thinking about all the times an artist has taken the viewer a little bit by surprise and treated us to their own work; shown us little sparks of original songwriting talent in the creative vacuum that can be The X Factor.

Digital Spy looks back at the best five original tracks from over the years, celebrating the acts that had the conviction to eschew the safe, insipid versions of 'One', 'Feeling Good', 'Fast Car' et al and performed original songs on TV's most intimidating, unforgiving talent show.

5. Overload - 'No, No, No'

We've had a few original songs already this year, like party girl Ten Senah's fiery '15 Minutes', but Overload have been an early series highlight, and so 'No, No, No' is straight in at number five.
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