‘Fury’ Review: War is Hell and Apparently More Than a Little Clichéd

It wasn’t too long ago that war films painted their characters as clear-cut heroes and villains belonging solely to one side or the other, but by the time the darkness of the Vietnam War settled over America the movies discovered the muddy morality that exists in the real world. Our patriotic heroes could have flaws, and our mortal enemies could exhibit a recognizable humanity. The whites and blacks of the past are today’s grays, and what was once a revelation — that good guys can be troubled, weak and filled with doubt — is now the norm. Basically if you’re going to make a war movie it better be packed with more than a squad of morally challenged soldiers. Fury, the new film from writer/director David Ayer that leaves his precious Los Angeles streets behind in favor of the blood-soaked fields and shell-shocked towns of World War II Germany, takes
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