Wide World of Horror: ‘Glad’ – the mind is a terrible place to visit


Written by Mladen Djordjevic

Directed by Mladen Djordjevic

2002, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Exploration and ideas are at the core of Glad. This isn’t a film about shock and terror. Rather, Glad is a movie about the paths our mind can take. Some of those paths are truly horrific, and at times Glad gets deep into the rabbit holes that the human mind can wander along. The question to be asked of the film is whether or not it adequately explores said rabbit holes?

The answer to the above question isn’t easy. There are sequences in Glad that speak to a nightmare vision of the human mind. There is no happiness in life, no purity to be found. The reason for that is that we have a brain and our brain will either mess up our life or show us horrors we’d rather not see. At the
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