American Sniper Review: An Amazing Performance Of A Real American Hero

It would have been so easy for Clint Eastwood to latch onto American jingoism with his new movie, American Sniper. He could have very easily just shot Bradley Cooper draped in the stars and stripes, set amidst action pieces taken from a GI Joe cartoon. Instead, Eastwood -- and especially Bradley Cooper -- have turned in a fine film that does away with the silly traps that most war films fall into and instead focuses on one aspect of the greater cause -- one man, Chris Kyle -- who is known as the most prolific sniper in American history.

The tropes are there, sure. Chris Kyle (Cooper) is a rodeo-riding, good ol' boy from Texas who chases skirts, enjoys his beers, and loves and protects his baby brother (Keir O'Donnell) -- as directed to by his father (Ben Reed) when the boys were younger. When Americans are killed during a
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