Misogynist Review

The good thing about a movie called Misogynist is that viewers are already prepared to watch piggish male characters take advantage of vulnerable females, which prevents all the politically correct whistleblowers from sharpening their spears as the movie starts. Michael Matteo Rossi’s gender-exploiting thriller dares to challenge Fifty Shades Of Grey for anti-romantic dominance, and while it’s an ambitious attempt, sleek camerawork isn’t enough to save this rushed, underwhelming web of deception. Running at a brisk 77 minutes, Rossi struggles to pace what feels like only three short scenes glued together by some marshmallow fluff that’s lost its flavor. Misogynist is a bit of a premature squirt, leaving us as unsatisfied as the poor, mistreated women who are left with nothing but a regretful night and a story better forgotten.

Jonathan Bennett (of Mean Girls fame) plays Harrison, a chauvinist guru’s most promising apprentice. While anticipating
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