Would Top Gear survive without Jeremy Clarkson?

Is it time for the BBC to let the fracas-prone Clarkson and his mates go, and to reinvent the show’s format with fresher talent?

Boyd Hilton, TV editor, Heat magazine

Whenever I watch Top Gear I end up thinking how brilliant the little films are in which the presenters race against each other against a lush backdrop, all stylishly filmed and cunningly edited. What the blokes (and blokes they most certainly are) actually say during these bits, and indeed the rest of the programme, goes in one ear and out the other. It’s sometimes mildly amusing, occasionally trying hard to be “politically incorrect” or more often than not low-level, down-to-earth, guys-joshing-with-guys stuff you’d hear down any pub of a Sunday night. James May, Richard Hammond and the newly suspended Jeremy Clarkson have never seemed particularly able to summon up a genuinely original joke or especially funny observation
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