Cannes 2015 Review: Cosmodrama, A French Metaphysical Star Trek

Science-fiction has never taken particularly strong roots in French cinema despite being born in hands of a certain Monsieur Meliés on French soil. And Gallic helmer Phillipe Fernandez is not likely to alter the status quo with his sophomore feature Cosmodrama, set entirely inside a space ship hurling against the eternal canvas of black space. Fernandez bypasses the usual scifi genre route opting instead for the Kubrick-Tarkovsky approach though completely under his terms, no imitations included. The film opens on a white door opening with obligatory swoosh and whirl of smoke in an eager anticipation. A confused human (Bernard Blancan) totters out of the cryogenic chamber having been awaken from deep-sleep for yet unknown reason. As if by chance, the remaining crew members, "the astronauts", meet...

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