Indie Spotlight: ‘The Impossibilities’ Finds Magic Among Its Characters

Some web series are impossible not to like. Whether through their charming characters or original scripts, they exude charm and transmit good vibrations to the viewer.

The Impossibilities is one of those series. Anna Kerrigan’s eight-episode series about the friendship between a magician and a yoga instructor hits plenty of appealing notes and gives its viewers ample reason to keep watching.

The stars of The Impossibilities are Ashley Springer, who plays Harry the magician, and Kati Rediger, who plays Willa the yogi. Both actors have professional experience with the jobs they are performing, and The Impossibilities uses that fact to its advantage. At the beginning of each episode, for example, Springer performs a magic trick, which serves as an amusing appetizer for the episode to come.

At its core, The Impossibilities is the story of a friendship between a man and woman who are both trying to find their way in the world.
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