Bassnectar – Into The Sun Review

If there’s a problem with Lorin Ashton A.K.A. Bassnectar releasing what he calls a “mixtape” instead of an album, it’s that his actual albums have already set the bar pretty high.

It’s by no accident that he’s amassed a greater following than almost any other bass music artist in the world, after all. His layered and borderline metaphysical style of electronic music has found its way to his devoted fan base in the form of dozens of albums since his 2001 debut, each of which he finely tunes to a neurotic extent. As such, on the off occasion that he breaks the pattern to put together what amounts to a hobby album of sorts he must expect some measure of disapproval from fans.

And to be fair, it seems that he did. In a Rolling Stone interview that came out around the time he released
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