The Last Starfighter TV series in development

1984’s The Last Starfighter film is becoming a TV series, with virtual reality sequences merged with live action…

Here’s an interesting one. While there’s no shortage of film-to-tv adaptations in the works, we can’t think of a single TV show that is currently trying to blend virtual reality technology with its subject matter. Until now, that is.

A Vr-meets-telly story inspired by the Nick Castle-directed 1984 film The Last Starfighter is in development, according to Jonathan Betuel, who wrote the original. Betuel and Castle’s film focused on a young gamer who is recruited to defend Earth from aliens after topping the leader board in the Starfighter arcade game. The TV show will focus on 'alien law enforcement,' and isn't a direct continuation or remake of the film.

The film, as you may already know, was one of the first to blend computer-generated imagery with live action environments.
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