Join Matthew Cooke, Adrian Grenier, & Deepak Chopra For The Film That Will Help to Change the Inhumane Us Prison System

“From Everything I’ve seen and learned, prison is not about helping people reform or rehabilitate, or learn to read, or get a job. It’s not about reconciliation or healing the victims of crime. It’s not about public safety, and it’s not about the wellbeing of our communities. It’s about two things: our worst instinct to revenge and the worship of money.”

Award winning Producer, Director & Human Rights Activist Matthew Cooke is using the power of crowd funding via Indiegogo to finish his film Survivor’S Guide To Prison, an exposé on the barbaric acts of the Us Prison system that holds 25% of the world’s prison population.

The film’s Executive Producers include Adrian Grenier and Susan Sarandon, and features interviews with Harry Belafonte, Deepak Chopra, Russell Simmons, Author of The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander, Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine, and Brandon Boyd, the singer of Incubus.

His chilling exploration dives deep into the criminally abusive & socially unjust realities of incarceration through the perspectives of two prisoners who were convicted of crimes they did not commit. This is an all too common story in the Us where the Innocence Project estimates there could easily be anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 people in Us prisons that haven’t committed a crime.

Your support of the film’s Indiegogo campaign will help to do more than just finish a film. It will help to give a loud roar to a nearly silent movement to end human rights abuses of an unfathomable scale.

Watch Cooke’s gripping and poignant call to action, and learn more about the chilling facts below:

The Us has the largest prison population on the planet, larger than China.

1/3 of all women prisoners in the world are in Us prisons.

If you’re an American, you’re more likely to go to prison here than anyone else in the entire world.

More Black men are in prison now, than the total enslaved in 1850.

The USA Has More Prisons Than Colleges And Universities.

More About Matthew Cooke:

In 2013 Cooke released his directorial debut How To Make Money Selling Drugs which he also wrote, narrated, shot, edited and art directed. Drugs was produced by Bert Marcus Productions and Adrian Grenier featuring Eminem, 50 Cent, Susan Sarandon, Woody Harrelson and others. Drugs was bought and distributed by Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Film where it debuted at #1 on iTunes and Amazon. Drugs won the audience award at the Champs-Elysees and Newport Film Festivals and the Best Writing Award from the International Documentary Association.

In 2007 Cooke produced and edited his first feature film. Deliver Us From Evil, written + directed by Amy Berg, was honored with the Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary film, made over 100 critics "best of" lists and Rotten Tomatoes top 100 best reviewed films of all time.
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