Aussie comedy The Heckler embraces on-demand cinema

The producers of Comedy feature film The Heckler have embraced new Australian on-demand cinema platform in a bid get their movie on the big screen..

The new distribution model allows filmmakers to book any cinema, any time as long as there are enough people interested in watching that film at that session. .

The Heckler will now be launched in an initial round of on-demand cinema screenings and the team behind the movies are hoping that positive word-of-mouth fuels more screenings.

Writer/Producer Steve Mitchell said a traditional cinema release required a massive amount of advertising to succeed..

"Films like ours can.t afford that and so we rely solely on word-of-mouth," he said..

"And that takes time to build. By staging one-off event screenings at various locations over a longer period, hoping to build momentum without spending a fortune on marketing..

Anyone can request to .host
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