Indonesian filmmaker Joko Anwar makes the jump to tv with ‘Halfworlds’ trailer

Joko Anwar, despite having only a handful of films to his credit, has already become a prominent name among international cinema fans, with a filmography that includes entries in horror, thrillers, comedies, and dramatic romances. With his latest feature A Copy of my Mind making its North American debut at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, Anwar is already onto his next project.

His next project significantly differs, however, in that it’ll see Anwar follow many of his Hollywood contemporaries and make the jump from film to television. The series, titled Halfworlds, will be an HBO Asia original project, with Anwar taking on directing duties, as well as co-writing it with Collin Chang. The synopsis of the series is as follows.

In the bustling streets and back alleys of Jakarta, a parallel world of bloodthirsty creatures from Indonesian mythology has lived alongside humans for generations. Taking on the appearance of humans themselves,
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