'Last Witch Hunter' Review: Vin Diesel Delivers an Epic Snooze

'Last Witch Hunter' Review: Vin Diesel Delivers an Epic Snooze
The Last Witch Hunter is a disappointment, but not terribly so. There are entertaining elements, just not enough to make the film worth recommending. The visual effects and the overall occult storyline had promise. But as in most things, it's the execution of the idea that falls flat. The acting, particularly from lead Vin Diesel, is poor. His characters are all the same to me. I half expected a muscle car to tear through a scene with Dom from the Fast and Furious franchise at the helm.

The story begins in the dark ages with Kaulder (Vin Diesel) leading an expedition to find the Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht). Voice over narration tells us that witches, and their magical blood, have existed alongside humans since the beginning. The Witch Queen creates the Black Death plague to wipe out man. Killing Kaulder's beloved wife and daughter. His showdown with the Queen bestows immortality on Kaulder.
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