Sliff 2015 Review – Sea Fog

By nature of its title this film may conjure up comparisons to other nautical flicks, but your preconceived notions about its theme or plot will be quickly up-ended while viewing Sea Fog. Is it a disaster film like The Perfect Storm? Not really. Is it a horror/fantasy thriller like John Carpenter original The Fog? No, but you might suspect this from the film’s producer and co-screenwriter Joon-ho Bong, the acclaimed filmmaker of The Host and Snowpiercer. Well, there’s no futurist vehicles or mutated monsters here. There are, however, lots of human monsters. Oh, and it comes from South Korea, set in 1998. The movie begins with a riveting credits sequence, showing a near-fatal accident that will be familiar to fans of TV’s “Deadliest Catch”. This is all business as usual to the men that work on the creaking, rusted-out fishing boat, the Junjin. Moments later Captain Kang
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