This Trip Down the Black Mountain Side Might Be Your Last: First Trailer

Black Mountain Side is a psychological thriller from director and writer Nick Szostakiwskyj. The film is set in the Great White North aka Canada. Here, several archaeologists uncover an underground structure, which causes a strange psychological affect. Very similar to The Thing (1982) in plot and genre, Black Mountain Side stars Shane Twerdun (She Must Burn), Michael Dickson, Carl Toftfelt and Marc Anthony Williams. The film's first exciting trailer is hosted here. The trailer shows the archaeologists uncovering something in the snow. A small celebration takes place. But then, the characters begin to experience hallucinations and a general psychological breakdown. How far will these explorers descend into the depths of their paranoid minds and will they ever return? Black Mountain Side has toured several film festivals, recently. The film was just at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, in Portland, Oregon. Now, this title has a date with DVD, through Monarch Home Entertainment.
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