Review: Dangerous Men? Enema On Drugs!

Dangerous Men's Iranian born director John S. Rad (Jahangir Salehi Yeganehrad) left only this odd cinematic totem of his existence on earth when he died in 2007, soon after the film's belated (and extremely limited) theatrical release in 2005. While he'd stated in at least one interview that he had spent his life pursuing creative endeavors, it's hard to track down anything other than Dangerous Men, and that one only because of the heroes at Drafthouse Films. Unlike Drafthouse Films' releases of similarly bonkers oddities like Miami Connection, The Visitor, and Roar, which had some ensemble elements to their creation, Dangerous Men only exists because of John S. Rad's unflappable determination to will it into existence. Every single major on screen production credit has Rad's name proudly attached....

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