Dangerous Men | Review

Man Trouble: Rad Enters Race for Worst Film Ever Made

A unique oddity even amongst contemporary counterparts competing for notoriety as one of the worst films ever made, John S. Rad’s Dangerous Men is, without a doubt, a terribly made film. What is perhaps most fascinating is the laborious production of the film. Rad, an Iranian immigrant, began making his labor of love in the 1980s, and would continue to film sequences over the next two decades. In that time, cast members and characters seem to have disappeared, explaining a jumbled narrative and a myriad of unexplainable events. The film does perhaps usurp Tommy Wisseau’s strange perseverance to complete his 2003 opus The Room, another director seemingly clueless about all aspects of the filmmaking process yet still determined to complete his compromised vision.

But as far as film criticism goes, it’s difficult to correctly ascertain the value
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