New Scorpion Season 2,Episode 10 Official Spoilers,Description Revealed By CBS

Recently, CBS served up the new,official synopsis/spoilers for their upcoming "Scorpion" episode 10 of season 2. The episode is entitled, "Arrivals and Departures," and it turns out that we're going to see some very intense and high drama stuff go down as a deadly fungus outbreak puts the Scorpion crew in grave danger, and more! In the new, 10th episode press release: When Team Scorpion And Walter's Parents Visit Megan In The Hospital As Her Health Deteriorates, They Are Quarantined After A Deadly Fungus Outbreak Threatens To Infect Everyone, On "Scorpion," Monday, Nov. 23. Press release number 2: When Team Scorpion and Walter's parents visit Megan in the hospital as her health deteriorates, they will get quarantined after a deadly fungus outbreak threatens to infect everyone. Guest stars feature: Camille Guaty (Megan O'Brien), Pamela Shafer (Louise O'Brien), Glenn Keogh (Sean O'Brien), Ritu Lal (Anjali), Charan Prabhakar (Vivek), Mary-Bonner Baker (Dr. Melissa
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