Kristen Bell Career Assessment | What Are You Doing Here?

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Subject: Kristen Anne Bell, 30-year old American actress

Date of Assessment: December 3, 2010

Positive Buzzwords: Cute, scrappy, "Veronica Mars"

Negative Buzzwords: Bland, romcoms, short shelf life

The Case: Until I started writing this column, it looked as though I'd embarked upon a cut-and-dried case of "this chick is so over." That is, Kristen Bell's been riding the forgettable rom-com train for years after coasting for quite some time upon the goodwill generated by three seasons of "Veronica Mars." And although Bell herself has been pushing for (and has even offered to self-finance) a big-screen version of the semi-beloved cult television show, there's an exceedingly small likelihood that -- even if the film eventually happens -- the result would actually be a box-office smash. This pipe dream is much like the wishful thinking of Will Arnett, and there's just no way in hell that a studio would "put up the cash
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