DVD Review – My Nazi Legacy (2015)

My Nazi Legacy, 2015.

Directed by David Evans.

Featuring Philippe Sands, Horst von Wachter and Niklas Frank.


A human-rights lawyer conducts conversations with two men whose fathers were indicted as war criminals for their roles in WWII as Nazi Governors and consultants to Adolf Hitler himself.

This captivating documentary film traces the personal histories of two men whose fathers were high ranking Nazis in a gripping, eloquent and challenging manner. At the crux of the film is an emotive, existential plea for personal responsibility and freedom. The true enemy of the film – despite the obvious ones with funny moustaches and military outfits – is an understandable human tendency to bury one’s head in the ground when the unwelcome truth of a situation shows itself in unarguable clarity and definition.

Bringing together international lawyer and author Philippe Sands, activist and writer Niklas Frank and Horst von Wachter, My Nazi Legacy is a fascinating dredging of memory,
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