Dominic West webchat – as it happened

The star of The Wire, The Affair and now Les Liaisons Dangereuses talked about McNulty’s fake English accent, Cynthia Nixon as a therapist, wearing a silver caped leotard and mountain climbing

6.08pm GMT

Thank you all for your kindnesses and rudenesses. I've really enjoyed it. I hope you can get along to see Nt Live on Thursday. Keep it real. Protect and serve.

6.06pm GMT

Kristina Wilde asks:

I was lucky enough to see Dangerous Liaisons from the front row last Saturday and was completely thrilled. Who or what did you study to get into the mindset of Valmont, and is he comparable to any of your modern characters?

Unfortunately I think he's comparable to most of my modern characters! I hope I'm not getting into a rut. I read a lot about the Marquis de Sade, who was a preoccupation of Laclos, and like Valmont, had a warped view of love,
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