The rundown on Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton's tribute to silent chase comedies

A new documentary reveals the fascinating story behind Samuel Beckett’s sole foray into cinema, a conceptual chase film that bamboozled its star Buster Keaton

Some movie genres are perennial. From the Keystone Kops to Mad Max: Fury Road, chase films have kept the cameras turning. When future Nobel laureate Samuel Beckett made his one and only film in the mid-1960s, he structured it both as a chase film and as a homage to the earliest years of cinema. However, you won’t be surprised to learn that the resulting work, Film, is far more complex, strange and intellectual than its slapstick forebears.

Ross Lipman’s documentary Notfilm, which is enjoying a limited run in cinemas before being released on Blu-ray next year, explores the history of Film (1966) – how a lauded playwright collaborated with two very distinct silent-era talents to make this mysterious movie. In this philosophical chase film,
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