Tamzin Outhwaite webchat – as it happened

The former EastEnders star is back in the West End, and she came in to talk about reincarnating as a guitar, Hp sauce, training with the army and lots more

2.05pm BST

Well, that was fun. Thank you all so much for your questions. If you like to laugh, come to see How The Other Half Loves at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket - we're on until June 25. The episode of Inside No 9, series three, will be on this autumn on BBC2.

2.03pm BST

Antiquarian asks:

There used to be a publicity shot of you in Red Cap on the “media appearances” board in HQ Training Estates South East, where you filmed. They said it was the most stolen image, more so than 007. Any other unusual accolades like that?

I used to be seeded number three in trampolining in Redbridge. And in all-girls doubles, tennis, me and my partner were seeded number two.
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