Embrace of the Serpent review: “Impossible to ignore or forget.”

Embrace of the Serpent review: Columbia’s Best Foreign Language Film entry shines in many remarkable ways. Embrace of the Serpent review

Embrace of the Serpent is that quiet little film you’re going to be hearing a lot about. Having been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, this Columbian tale breaks itself down into basics but explores the complex existence of humanity especially in regards to our relationship with nature. With the hot topic all around the world currently being that of immigration, it’s also a stark reminder of how the immigration and ‘exploration’ of white men also shaped societies and destroyed cultures.

Karamakate, played by Nilbio Torres and Antonio Bolivar as young and old variants respectively, is the last of his tribe and a respected healer. Living in the Amazon jungle, Karamakate has grown distrustful and hateful of the white men who have
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