Blu-ray Review – The Swinging Cheerleaders (1974)

The Swinging Cheerleaders, 1974.

Directed by Jack Hill.

Starring Jo Johnston, Rainbeaux Smith, Colleen Camp, Ron Hajak, Ric Carrott, Bob Minor, Rosanne Katon and John Quade.


A college newspaper reporter goes undercover in a cheerleader squad in order to expose the supposed demeaning nature of cheerleading but ends up uncovering a lot more.

On the surface The Swinging Cheerleaders looks like a Porky’s-style high school/college sex romp featuring dozen of nubile teens running around and getting into all sorts of mischief that normally ends with their clothes falling off, and while there is a bit of that going on there is also a more serious attempt at a dramatic story that beats at the heart of this film.

This is down to writer/director Jack Hill, who had spent the last couple of years before this making women-in-prison movies with Pam Grier and Sid Haig. Turning his hand
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