Comic Book Review – Archangel #1

Tony Black reviews Archangel #1…

Science Fiction Superstar William Gibson comes to comics! The U.S. political leaders of 2016 abandon the radioactive planet they’ve destroyed and harness the power of humanity’s last hope: The Splitter, a colossal machine designed to manufacture a bright new reality for them to infiltrate and corrupt.

It’s always quite exciting when a creative switches gears into different formats, especially a creative as talented as William Gibson, the great cyberpunk novelist. Archangel is a limited run-series collaboration with Michael St. John Smith, drawn by Bruce Guice, which takes a high concept and runs with it in classy form, almost immediately; in a dystopian 2016, a world we have utterly messed up, loathsome Vice-President Junior Henderson alters his appearance to look like his grandfather and uses secret technology to travel back in time to 1945, on the eve of winning World War Two, so he can kill
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