Dressing ‘The Dresser’ with a World War II Vibe (Emmys Watch)

Dressing ‘The Dresser’ with a World War II Vibe (Emmys Watch)
The Dresser” was not only intensely personal for Anthony Hopkins in returning to his bittersweet theatrical roots, but also for costume designer Fotini Dimou (“Ripley’s Game”) — the real dresser, so to speak.

The World War II-set backstage drama about the symbiotic relationship between an aging English actor, Sir (Hopkins), and his personal assistant, Norman (Ian McKellen), brilliantly explores the tension between approval and rejection.

“Dressers were like personal assistants and looked after the stars in every way,” explained Dimou. “And what I researched is how these companies used to work. They didn’t have designers as such but what they had was a wardrobe mistress or master or the chief dresser, the role that Norman plays, who provides the costumes for the actor/manager, who ran the company.”

The Dresser,” by Ronald Harwood (who had personal experience as a dresser), first opened in London’s West End in 1980 and
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