The Blob Screens August 3rd at Schlafly Bottleworks – ‘Strange Brew’

“It creeps and leaps and glides and slides across the floor. Right through the door. And all around the wall. A splotch, a blotch. Be careful of the Blob!”

The Blob screens Wednesday, August 3rd at Schlafly Bottleworks Restaurant and Bar (7260 Southwest Ave.- at Manchester – Maplewood, Mo 63143) as part of Webster University’s Award-Winning Strange BrewFilm Series. The screening is Sponsored by Planet Score Records

The Blob is chiefly remembered now for launching Steve McQueen’s career. Soon after the release of this film, he was offered the role of Josh Randall on the hit TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive, and super-stardom was only a few years away. Here, billed as “Steven” McQueen, he leads a pack of teenagers who are determined to stop the Blob from devouring their small town. The main problem is that the authorities (i.e. the local police) refuse to believe their story
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