Why Will Arnett is the anti-Donald Trump that America needs

We need to subvert and undermine the man who might be our next president – and as a master of playing insecure egomaniacs, Arnett is uniquely suited to do it

Much like Bojack Horseman himself, Will Arnett is finally back on top. After Arrested Development made him a star, Arnett spent years trying to establish a follow-up. He wallowed in failed network sitcoms with names you probably won’t recognize such as Running Wilde, Up All Night and The Millers. He had a few moments in the spotlight, like his Emmy-nominated guest-starring role in 30 Rock as Jack Donaghy’s arch-nemesis. But Arnett struggled to find another role that traded on his unique combination of macho confidence and wounded sensitivity that made him the standout of Arrested Development, a show that was composed almost entirely of standouts.

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