7 Reasons Why Christopher Nolan Should Direct the Next Star Trek Film

  • Cinelinx
With the rebooted Star Trek series receiving diminishing returns with each new entry and Star Trek Beyond underperforming, the future of the franchise is not certain. Maybe a new director is needed to take the series in a different direction. Cinelinx looks at seven reasons why Christopher Nolan would be the right man to save the struggling franchise.

Although Star Trek Beyond squeaked into a distant second place this past weekend, (Behind the latest Jason Bourne film) with an estimated $24 million--taking in over $105 million in two weeks--it’s had a nearly 60% decline this weekend. That’s a significant drop compared to the last two Trek films, both of which saw their domestic totals reach over $146 million by the end of their second weekends. With a total budget of $185 million Star Trek Beyond needs to make $370 million overall, which seems unlikely at this point. If this film does lose money for the studio,
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