The hot summer 2016 TV quiz

How well do you know your Fleabags, Sons of a Bitch and Crazy Ex-Girlfriends? Find out with our goggle-eyed multiple-choice quiz

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Which culturally redundant celebrity was removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house this year?

Bob Carolgees

Keith Chegwin

Christopher Biggins

Michael Barrymore

What is Channel 4’s new nude dating show called?

Bare Necessities

Naked Attraction

Love in the Buff

Randy and Raw

What killed everyone in King’s Landing on Game of Thrones?



White Walkers

Structural mismanagement

Which bafflingly complicated daytime gameshow is about to come to an end?


The Chase

Tipping Point

Deal or No Deal

Where is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend set?

West Covina, California

Corvallis, Oregon

Cape Coral, Florida

Clemson, South Carolina

HBO’s The Night Of is based on which BBC show?

Happy Valley

The Line of Duty

Criminal Justice

Mrs Brown’s
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