Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker (Coming Soon) – A Samuels/ Jefferson Film

Starring: Marco Johnson, David Luptak, Kimberly Bowden, Anthony Scanish, John Legrand

Directed by: Robert Samuels

Written & Produced by: Robert Jefferson

executive producers: Alan Goldberg, John Deblasio

Stunt and Fight Choreography by: Manny Ayala

R4 Films in association with Action Magazine

A Samuels/ Jefferson Film

Beast: The Chronicles Of Parker, is simply a 17 minute rollarcoaster of a ride. From the opening credits, we get some heart thumping music mixed with fantastic fight choreography until the last second. Beast centers around the character “Parker” (Marco Johnson) and “Osiris”, played by Kimberly Bowden.

They are searching for “Mr.David” (David Luptak), who may be holding a dangerous toxin and time is starting to run out. So Parker and Osiris track him and his fighers down and with help 15 minutes away, Parkour is in no mood to wait.

Marco Johnson is Parker


Agent Robert Parker is hot on the heels of a
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