‘Morris From America’ Mixtape: ’90s Hip Hop Meets Edm — Listen (Exclusive)

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‘Morris From America’ Mixtape: ’90s Hip Hop Meets Edm — Listen (Exclusive)
Music plays a big role in “Morris From America,” the story of a 13-year-old African-American boy who moves to Heidelberg, Germany. While unable to make friends at his new school, Morris has a ’90s rap-loving dad (Craig Robinson) who tries to be his friend. Ultimately, Morris takes his frustration out in the music he writes.

To create the film’s music, director Chad Hartigan turned to Wild Cub frontman Keegan DeWitt, who mixed original retro-sounding hip hop with a selection of Edm.

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“The idea was to always have the music we made for the film feel authentic but not distracting,” wrote Hartigan. “It could be from today, it could be from the ’90s, but really just existed in our movie. Same with the Edm and party music. It was very important to Keegan and I that both these
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