Boost Nl launches at Holland Film Meeting

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Iniative kicks off as film festivals continue to asses the merits of co-production markets.

Boost Nl, the new collaborative project between the Holland Film Meeting (Hfm, Sept 22-25) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam’s CineMart, is launching officially this week at the Hfm, which began today at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht

The idea behind the initiative, which will continue at the Iffr’s Cinemart next January, is not just to help Dutch projects but to assist further a number of projects that have already received support from Iffr’s Hubert Bals Fund or have been presented at CineMart.

Speaking to Screen, Hfm chief Vanja Kaludjercic gave further details of the “enhanced coproduction experience” offered to the selected projects.

“Some things cannot be achieved in only three days of the event itself so what we have created is an extended trajectory,” Kaludjercic said of the new Utrecht/Rotterdam axis. The intention
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