Demon – Review

Review by Stephen Tronicek

Demon is an anticlimactic piece of filmmaking, but it’s a film where that might actually be the point. A wedding is a big event that requires a lot of planning, and when something goes wrong, it doesn’t just go away. When something goes really wrong, it pops the thin veneer of happiness that the band and plastered smiles provides and sticks there forever tainting the chances of true fun and happiness. For all intents and purposes, the monster of Demon doesn’t seem to be the “monster,” but the effect of that ever annoying fleck sitting on the side of happiness.

That’s getting a little ahead, though. The focus of Demon is the wedding of Piotr and Zaneta, a couple who is brought together under hinted at unusual circumstances. Piotr, in the effort to fix the house on Zaneta’s grandfather’s land,
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