Days of Our Lives Recap: Jj Gets Shot!

Jj can never get a break.

When he was with Paige, half the town harassed him for his past, nobody paid attention to his signs of mental distress, and he ended up getting drunk and having a sexual encounter with Eve where his consent was dubious.

After Paige's death, he was able to move on with Gabi, who seems far more interested in Chad.

And now, this week Orpheus shot him at point blank range and left him for dead in the Square.

I've long wanted Jj to have a story, but did it really have to be this?

Jj as a cop didn't really ever make sense. He was an emotionally troubled teenager who was passionate about music and felt guilty about being a risk taker who didn't fit in to the Horton family mold.

Following in Jack's footsteps as an investigative reporter or Uncle Steve's as a private
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