The Red Pill: Melbourne cinema drops men's rights film after feminist backlash

Documentary criticised as unbalanced and cinema cancels screening worried it could be ‘potentially damaging to our credibility’

A Melbourne cinema has cancelled a screening of a documentary on men’s rights activism for fear it could be “potentially damaging to our credibility” following online uproar.

The Red Pill, a documentary by film-maker Cassie Jaye, was due to screen at Palace Cinema’s Kino cinema on Sunday 6 November, at an event organised by Men’s Rights Melbourne. The film professes to take a “balanced approach” to the men’s rights movement, documenting Jaye’s “life-altering journey where she would never see the world the same way again”. But it has faced backlash from members of the feminist community and has been criticised as unbalanced and in favour of men’s rights groups.

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