Movie Review – House of Flying Arrows (2016)

House of Flying Arrows, 2016.

Directed by Daniel Harris and Daniel Mendelle.


A documentary tracing darts’ evolution from humble beginnings through to the glamorous heyday of the 1980s and on into the lucrative professional era.

Have you ever tried to play darts while not at the pub, or at the very least slightly inebriated? Don’t, its terrible. It’s a sport drenched in lager and bathwater ale and stained by the stench of carpets sullied by stale cigarettes. With this, it translates poorly to the big screen. That ramshackle charm of drunken nights spent at dingy pubs is lost, that smell that seems to adhere to everything dissipates in place of cheap perfume and rancid popcorn.

If there is to be a documentary that accurately portrays the joyous chaos of the darts experience, it’s most certainly not House of Flying Arrows, Daniel Mendelle and Daniel Harris’ utterly redundant,
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