Lucasfilm Has Turned The 'Star Wars' Galaxy Into The Marvel Universe

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[Disclaimer: This editorial, which will explore how Lucasfilm is aping its sibling, Marvel Studios, with its new approach towards Star Wars, will contain *Spoilers* for Rogue One]

Something that Jammer and I have been railing against on the Los Fanboys Podcast for months now is how seemingly safe Lucasfilm is playing it when it comes to its Star Wars Story spinoff movies. Shortly after George Lucas sold Lucasfilm (and, in turn, the Star Wars and Indiana Jones IPs) to Disney, fans around the world became intrigued by the direction that the Mouse House was going to take his far, far away galaxy. It was announced that, in addition to a new trilogy, we'd be getting standalone films set within the Star Wars universe that don't have to do with the core Episodic Saga. 

The promise of that was tantalizing. After all, Lucas created such a vast and wide open world, with such a rich history, that the storytelling possibilities are seemingly endless. You need not look further than the shelves at your local bookstore (assuming any of
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